Quality Control of Materials

These are our services:

  • Pile Continuity Test (PIT)
  • Concrete
  • Cements
  • Aggregates
  • Materials for compaction, soils and rocks
  • Asphalt Mixtures Level II AMAAC
  • Masonry, mortars and floors
  • Steels and welds
  • Others

Our methodology includes tests of:

  • Sampling
  • Laboratory processing
  • Analysis of data
  • Results
  • Recommendations

Structures Pathologies

To identify any situation in your structures we have the following study:

  • Pathology of reinforcing steel

Where we analyze the behavior of steel in the structure to find alterations that may affect its condition, such as rust or corrosion by:

  • Detecting the need of reinforcing steel
  • Potential for corrosion
  • Inspections of canals
  • Pathology of concrete

We analyze hardened concrete and its behavior, so we may measure the resistance of the material. Also, to know in detail about its composition and quality:

  • Extraction, cutting, curing and testing
  • Density, absorption and open porosity
  • Carbonation
  • Sclerometer hardness tester
  • Ultrasound
  • Chemical analysis
  • Petrography

Assistance, Consulting and Training

We record the state of the structure and determine possible solutions guided by technical advice, through:

  • Pathology studies
  • Visual inspections
  • Injury inspection

A prepared and well-supported team can do any work in a more efficient way:

Structures Pathologies

Our professional staff give support for all types of civil projects, providing technical support related to quality control. We guide your projects during the design and constructions stages regarding the specification of materials; adjustments to the quality plan regulations, interpretations, statistical management and evaluations of results. Also, we assist in the productions of on-site materials, such as ready-mix concrete, asphalts, among others. In addition, we offer the assembly of mobile laboratories and/or the administration of laboratories

  • Material quality control
  • Analysis and implementation of results
  • Concrete production
  • Compaction processes
  • Material specifications
  • Administration of laboratories
  • Participation in technical committees


Through our internal and external consultants, the laboratory offers consulting services in specific areas, such as designs, pathologies and geotechnical instrumentation.

In design consulting, we make special emphasis on the optimization of the use of resources at the best cost, according to the materials available to produce concrete, asphalt mixtures, and rigid or flexible pavements.

We also offer pathology studies for aged structures, as well as to evaluate problems during the construction of new ones.

Within our consulting processes we include the audit of technical skills for laboratories, as well as the evaluation of production processes on site:

  • Design of concrete mixtures
  • Design of asphalt mixtures up to level II AMAAC
  • Design of pavement structures
  • Design of concrete floors
  • Technical inspection
  • Evaluation of metal structures
  • Audit of technical competences


As a service to our clients, we offer different types of training related to the quality control of construction materials, which are useful during the execution of their projects and in the evaluation of their processes. Also, training is provided for tests and samples for different materials, such as concrete, aggregates, masonry, floors, asphalt mixes and many more tests. Training in the analysis and interpretation of test results may be given for the project’s professionals.

  • Basic tests of concrete and aggregates
  • Basic soil tests
  • Basic tests of asphalt mixtures
  • Sampling of concretes
  • Reception of concrete on site
  • Sampling of aggregates and soils
  • Use and operation of hydrometers


Other services

Furthermore, we offer specialized services that meet the needs of our clients, such as:

  • Selections of talent for a project
  • Assembly of mobile laboratories in a project
  • Quality control service for materials
  • Investigation and development
  • Validations of new products
  • Skilled labor
  • Concrete drilling
  • Special pavement tests
  • Evaluation of existing structures
  • Deflectometry
  • Roughness
  • Topography

Soil Studies

In-depth knowledge of specific characteristics of the soil is essential for building a successful project.

Which is why in Q-ver we perform all types of drilling for the studying of soils under parameters established by national regulations. Our service in this regard includes:

  • Exploration, analysis and geotechnical design
  • Stratigraphy
  • Geotechnical evaluation of existing structures
  • Water table level
  • Design of parameters
  • Risky analysis by mass removal processes
  • Analysis of vulnerability and local seismic response
  • Safety factors in static and seismic conditions
  • Probable settlements
  • Stability analysis of upwards and downwards slopes
  • Pile integrity tests (PIT)
  • Dynamic pile loading tests (PDA)
  • Electrical resistivity tests
  • Down Hold and Cross Hold tests
  • Specific geotechnical recommendations
  • Follow-up on site

Quality assurance

The service of quality assurance is the perfect complement for any high-level construction project, because it helps to verify that the strict requirements of each contract are met according to international standards in the following divisions:

  • General requirements
  • Workplace
  • Cement / concrete / reinforced cement
  • Masonry
  • Metals
  • Wood and plastic
  • Protection against humidity and thermal changes
  • Doors and windows
  • Finishes
  • Specialties
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Special construction
  • Mechanics
  • Electricity


A company dedicated to providing the service of quality assurance in the construction area must:

  • Supervise that the materials reach their destination on time and are deposited in the required conditions.
  • Periodically perform quality controls and reports in a physical and electronic manner.
  • Carry out the corresponding topographical analyzes.
  • Supervise the development of the work from its beginning until its final delivery.
  • Deliver the complete information of the quality’s construction in organize and classified folders.


In Q-Ver we are prepared to follow up on your construction’s level of quality according to standards and processes declared by institutions of world prestige, such as:

  • NOM
  • NYCE
  • ASTM
  • ACI